Wednesday 20 April 2011

Working on the Office

The room which was to have been our second bathroom is now destined to be a micro-office. We have replaced the window, insulated, plasterboarded and painted, and yesterday I started tiling the floor.

How it looked after I replaced the floor,
March 2009
It isn't a big job, but I think I am fundamentally unsuited to tiling. It's all so permanent, and you have to get it right. I am pleased with my tile cutting: I only wasted 1 tile (I had allowed almost twice as many tiles as I needed, so I have tiles to spare) but gluing them down was fraught. It was a really hot day, I kept perspiring over my glasses and into the glue, and I was totally unsure of myself.

Not a happy bunny.

The new office, floor primed and ready to go.
The computer network wiring is going in too

I cut the tiles and laid them out
before starting to glue
Anyway - the tiles are now glued (with an amazing amount of glue, I hope not too much) and this afternoon I will know if the glue is holding. I am hoping that any irregularities will almost disappear once I have grouted, and even if they haven't, a rug should solve most issues.

It has, however, sorted one issue in my mind - I will not be laying the 13 metres of tiles we have to put into the new second bathroom in the attic. For that, I will GTMI.



Colin and Elizabeth said...

Ohhhhh dear !!! not good to be so stressed. Looks OK though. C

GaynorB said...

Sometimes the M doesn't do any better a job, he just worries about it less!

Simon said...

Colin. That photo was pre-gluage - I was just checking they fitted.

Gayner - you're right, but it's their back and knees that suffer!

IanJ said...

I look at my tiled floors and I can see all the imperfections and I wish I had the energy to rip it all off and do it again. So I reckon the test you should use is whether anyone else can see the bad bits: if not then it's 'good enough'.
I recommend a cheap pair of knee pads.

Blake Mitchell said...

Ooh, that doesn't sound fun at all. Hot days are rarely fun when you're building something, right? Well, good luck with the work there! It's always helpful to have an office space at home to get some work-related stuff done.

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