Saturday 23 April 2011

More Sanding

Ever since I remade the bathroom (but now the office) floor, there has been a six inch step up into the room. In order that people don't slip off the upper floor level it has been our intention to use some of the pieces of the old staircase we saved when the new staircase was installed and put up a rail.

Pieces of ancient staircase.
Yesterday I collected up some of the pieces, and in a right sorry state they were, too. I am not sure how old they are, probably C19th, but for a long time they have been unloved. A couple of hours with sandpaper and things were looking considerably brighter.

One to go. No prizes for guessing which one!
Today I will slip over to Bricomarché in the hope they have some bits of oak, as I need to suppliment what we have - I am not sure why, but we have saved more balistrades than banisters (maybe because they are interestingly bent, and banisters are just sticks*) . I could go to the sawmill, but I only need two little pieces of oak, and the sawmill would be a long way to go for just that.


* that's right - you have never slid down a banister. You may, however, have slid down a balistrade.

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