Tuesday 12 April 2011

Progress on a Couple of Fronts

Yesterday was not a bad day at all.

The weather improved, although it was still misty when I left on my pre-breakfast visit to BricoDepot. I managed to buy everything on my list (although I did do some angsting about buying a 68mm electrical box when previously I have been buying 67mm boxes) and was home in time to finish undercoating the attic bathroom before lunch. It now looks super white and snowblindness is a real risk - just as well we are painting the walls green.

On my way to Dissay I noticed this house for the
first time. I have only driven past 20 or so times...
Talking of green: it took us ages to decide on a colour to paint the bathrooms walls. It has to be tonally similar to the bronzed mirrors of the sliding doors we bought last year (mentioned here, yes, we did buy them). We decided on what BricoDepot call "Khaki Vert" as a nice strong colour. After lunch I took the can of paint, which we bought last week, up to the attic bathroom to start on the wall I managed to finish before the undercoat ran out. Lo and behold - it was yellow. Obviously the mixing machine wasn't functioning properly when we bought the paint.

This meant that after lunch Susan went to BricoDepot to change the paint, while I started work on sanding and undercoating the office. I have never sanded plaster before (yes, I wore a mask...) and am pretty pleased. There are one or two patches, but I can sort them out tomorrow. We both completed our tasks by arvo smoko time (4.00), which was pleasing.

We also solved our stove hood problem: after reading Saturday's blog post Angela and Dennis delurked and offered to bring over anything we ordered from the UK. They have a house just across the Creuse (I know - it may be another department, but people who live that close to the border are OK) and are coming over at Easter time, so it works out quite nicely.

As I said - not a bad day at all.


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