Sunday 17 April 2011

Fête de la Saint Georges

Yesterday was our second Fête de la Saint Georges.

Last year we were surprised by how big and bustling it was, this year less so. Because this year St Georges Day (23 April) falls on the Easter weekend, the fete was brought forward. This had the unfortunate consequence of making our special day clash with everyone else's special day, so many of the stallholders had to decide whether to come to us, or the 4 other fetes held in the area yesterday.

It was a nice day for a wander.
Unfortunately, Preuilly missed out this year. Still - it was nice wandering down the middle of the road and not holding up traffic, and sitting with our friend Louisa having our now traditional sausage and chips lunch, courtesy of the public school association.

Last year you couldn't move for stalls and people.
The fête is also the traditional time for renewing one's membership of the Archeological Society, which we have done.

Hopefully next year, with the fête returned to its proper weekend (the first Saturday after the 23rd April), everything will be big and bustling again. The bike race should also be held on fête day again - this year it will be held on the weekend the fête would normally be: next weekend.


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