Tuesday 26 April 2011

Storm Warning!!

It hasn't rained much the last six weeks, but on Saturday morning the forecast for the afternoon and evening changed from sunny to storms, with a weather warning.

I decided to experiment with timelapse film making, so set up the camera pointing the way the weather comes from and expected to get huge banks of clouds rolling in complete with lightning and torrential hail (we usually get hail at least once at this time of the year).

Nothing. Not a drop. We didn't even hear a rumble of thunder. We did get a very light sprinkle of drizzle at 10.00 Sunday morning, and yesterday we had 3 hours of thunder and enough rain to wash the dust off the roof, but that's it. I guess it's back to watering the potager by hand - again.



Sheila said...

Speaking of the potager,I'm
curious to know how your
broad beans are doing. I
always found them fussy,
great blooms, but trouble
getting pods to form.

Simon said...

Sheila. At the moment they are just starting to flower. Susan didn't have any problems last year though.

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