Thursday 7 April 2011

Paint 'n Plaster

I said yesterday that we were in a bit of a painting frenzy before my parents arrive (actually, it's unfair to blame them, really it's because we can open windows and doors and air the place). The attic undercoat is drying nicely, and shows up the beams to good effect.

Also yesterday, Patrick arrived to do the joints in our office. He returns this morning to do the second stage - patching the little bits he missed yesterday. After that I will be sanding it and painting the walls prior to laying a tile floor.

In the post I linked to above I wrote "We bought 30 litres of undercoat yesterday evening, so we shouldn't run out!" Needless to say, at some time this week we will be returning to Bricodepot to buy another 30 litres.



Leon Sims said...

Gooooooooo Simon. Paint your heart out.
Love reading about the progress.
Great to hear about your parents arriving and looking forward to learning more about them on future posts.

Tim said...

Simon, some friends of mine in Scotland had a room to decorate with an amazingly ornate coving that came from the usual picture rail height to about 2 foot into the ceiling. They calculated what they thought they should get... and ran out one third of the way round. Then the lady of the household had the idea of taking a piece of cotton and doing all the ins, outs and curvy bits accurately... it turned out that the coving had a surface area greater than the walls!! They'd mixed two paints to get the shade they wanted and had to match it the second time... be thankful you are using white... I hope it is white?!?!
I think paint vanishes into a third dimension the moment you open the tin.
But the bathroom looks great!

Simon said...


I actually magaed to paint 26 metres of wall with paint that claimed to be good for 30 metres. The finishe was rubbish though. so I needed anouth 26 metres of paint to fix it.

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