Saturday 16 April 2011

Who's Been Busy?

We have!!

This past week we have painted, cleaned, plastered and sanded. Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily only once (in fact many times... many, many times).

We have also almost, but not quite, finished the kitchen walls and wiring: all the wall cladding except one piece is in place, and all the wiring bar one power-point wired.

On the old kitchen wall I had stuck various pieces of paper with important information - when the milk lady visits, the opening hours of the dechetterie, my work plan for September 2007, the library opening hours, the frequencies for various English radio stations, and the instructions for the dry rot detectors.

I have left these in place behind the new plasterboard wall as a little treat for the next people to work on the house.

Pictures of the finished works will follow another day. I am having a little lie-in, then inspecting the fete St. George (which is being held a week early this year).


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