Tuesday 5 April 2011


In early April last year several morels popped up in the gravelly area where we park the car at the orchard. I picked them, dried them and used them in a risotto. I'm hoping that they will appear again this year. The spores are windborn, so, according to what I've read, the mushrooms usually appear a little distance away from the previous emergence, in the direction of the prevaling wind. They seem to like orchards and stony places such as our car parking spot, but they are not easy to see amongst the stones.



Jean said...

I can't quite visualize the size of this morel - in any case, I'm sure I wouldn't have recognised it as something edible.

Simon said...

It's about the size of an orange and looks like a very cheap rubber bath sponge

The texture is about the same, as well.

Jean said...

I hope the taste is better, though !! LOL

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