Friday, 22 April 2011

A Barbeque Lunch

Yesterday our new range hood was delivered by Angela and Dennis, who bought it over from England. In return, I cooked lunch: smoked chicken, done on the Webber.

It was amazingly simple. Defrost a chicken overnight, and next morning make a marinade with soy sauce, oil, juice of half a lemon, dried parprika, garlic and a splash of vinegar. Stick the squeezed half lemon in the cavity, pour the marinade over and leave for a couple of hours.

Two hours before lunch light the bbq with at least twice as much charcoal as you think it will take and leave for 30 minutes. Rake all the coals to one side and put a drip tray in the space made, place the chicken over the tray, add oak chips to the coals and put the lid on.

I am not sure if checking every 5 minutes is compulsory, but the bird turned out perfect.



  1. That chicken looks terrific. It makes me hungry, even though I just finished my breakfast.

  2. chm. That just goes to prove you're a young man - just finished breakfast and then someone mentions food...

  3. I thought that blog was going
    to be signed Susan...great job.

  4. Looks mighty tasty! I understand about the "twice as much charcoal as you think it will take." And that's not usually enough...

  5. Looks delicious. Very nice indeed!