Friday 10 August 2012

Rillettes Ghosts

Mooching about in Tours the other day after work we came across these two ghost signs. We were intrigued by the larger one, with its English information. The signs are on the front and end of the same building.

Rillettes are slow cooked pork that is then pulled into strands and packed in little pots like a paté. Rillettes de Tours is the local version with its own particular traditional flavourings, and the addition of local Vouvray wine. There are currently 20 manufacturers in and around Tours making the officially certified product, and dozens who make it but just haven't bothered with the rigmarole of certification.



Pollygarter said...

Superb Art Nouveau/Deco brickwork on the second building!
Probably at them period of transition 1918/22... I wonder what the shop front looked like in those days?
The first one looks as though there is enough colour left to do a bitn of enhancement...?
Tim in t'biblio.

Simon said...


tried that - was about 9.30 at night, so everything was grey.

GaynorB said...

Love the description 'ghost signs'. Is this yours or how they are commonly referred to?

Sheila said...

I remember reading in "Celestine"
that rillettes were the picnic
item of choice when the railroad
first came to your region, and
people were taking trips to
Paris, etc.

Susan said...

Gaynor: I think they are commonly referred to as ghost signs.

Sheila: I don't remember that particularly, but I'm not surprised - it is a thoroughly convenient picnic food.

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