Friday 17 August 2012

Paint a Chapel

Rando croquis sign.
The Chapelle du Liget is situated just off the D760 in the heart of the Foret de Loches. It is such a picturesque little building that there is a walk dedicated to it called the Rando croquis (Sketch Walk). The waymarkers are cute pencil shaped poles.

Technical tips to improve your watercolour.
After a couple of hundred metres of walking in the forest there is a break in the vegetation and you look out directly at the chapel. It's a lovely scene. You are encouraged to take a seat and make a watercolour sketch. There is a big info board giving you the history of the place and another giving you hints and tips on how to create your watercolour. It's an almost irresistible idea, and I imagine that people really do go there to paint the chapel from just that spot.

The chapel viewed from the forest.
To learn more about the Chapelle du Liget, go to medieval historians Niall and Antoinette, who have written about it over on Chez Charnizay.



Niall & Antoinette said...

super photo of the chapel from the woods! :-)

Susan said...

The view point from the woods is a really charming idea, and I hope the person who thought of it was rewarded.It would be hard to take a poor photo from here :-)

Colin and Elizabeth said...

What an absolutely charming idea!

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