Saturday 25 August 2012

Farm Tools at Preuilly Museum

You don't have much more time to visit the very good little museum in Preuilly before it closes for the season. It is located in the Poterne, below the chateau, run by the archaeological society and manned by volunteers, all of whom are kids on school holidays. That's why it is only open during the long summer school break, and school goes back on 5 September.

Below is a selection of farm tools on display, but the museum covers all manner of things, in the way local museums do. We featured it here on the blog before.

Plough in the courtyard.

I was really tempted to post this as a mystery object,
but no one would ever have got it. Who knew
there was a specialist tool for chopping beetroots?
A flail, used for beating the wheat grains from their ears.
Vine billhooks which were owned by the father of 'Father Berry'
and made in 1850 by D... in le Grand Pressigny.


ladybird said...

As a former salesman of hand and gardening tools, I'm pretty sure my friend C. would have guessed the use of the mystery tool, and he would certainly enjoy visiting the museum. Have a nice weekend! Martine

Pollygarter said...

It's a fascinating place - we got the guided tour with the Amis du Musée du Grand Pressigny. Well worth a potter round!

Emm said...

That plow is a beautful sculptural object. Thanks for the museum tour.

Susan said...

Martine: I bet C would have been able to tell us exactly how some of these tools should be used - I'm reliant on reading the labels for lots of it.

PG: it's a great little museum, I agree, and sadly undervisited.

Emm: You're welcome. I love the lustrous black of the plough.

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