Thursday 16 August 2012


We have written about the Tours tramway before (including mis-identifying the trams destined for Edinburgh as the trams for Tours). We have now seen the Tours trams on their way to be delivered (at Amboise on Monday 6 Aug 2012) but didn't get a photo of them. They look like this.

We did, however, get photos of the track under construction as it passes through the pedestrianised section of the Route Nationale in Tours centre. If you're looking for a webcam of the works, it's here. Prepare to be underwhelmed...

More interesting, perhaps, is the view in the distance of our second photo, as the tramway climbs the escarpement of the River Loire on the north side of Tours.

Anyone care to recreate the chase scene from Bullitt?



Colin and Elizabeth said...

Totally underwhelming!!!

Simon said...

Not sur what they are trying to prove with it, either...

Maybe theyre all on holiday, which is why you never see anyone there.

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