Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Compleat Angler

I took this photo surreptitiously from the car when I was dropping off some empties at the bottle bank at the plan d'eau. I love this guy's selection of fishing accessories - handcart, monopod table and patio umbrella. It's obviously all about the solitude and the quiet contemplation - I'd be very surprised if the plan d'eau was home to anything worth catching.

Today the plan d'eau will be covered in brocante, and this evening (assuming the weather holds) it will be home to the fireworks and bal populaire we should have had on Bastille Day.



  1. That's a lovely scene. Who wouldn't want to spend a day sitting there? I might take up fishing!

  2. LJ - he probably hasn't even got bait on his hook, just to keep things even calmer...

  3. Isacc Walton's house is about 5 miles away from us in Staffordshire! Can't see the fascination with fishing myself, although some of the most fidgetty boys at school love it and a regulars.