Tuesday 14 August 2012


We travel this road every time we visit the château at Cheverny (like today for instance), but I have never seen what streetview shows.

Notwithstanding (and what a great word that is!) having seen streetview I am always extra careful - Candé-sur-Beuvron is one of those French towns where the 50km zone seems to stretch an unfeasibly long way out of town.



Tim said...

Or perchance they were just taking a crafty break?

Emm said...

Hah, had to enlarge to see what you meant.

Les flics!

Simon said...

Tim. the one on the right has a pair of those radar bins up to his eyes.

Tim said...

Yes... I saw that, but he probably saw the Google car approaching and thought he'd better look busy!? ;)

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