Thursday 1 December 2011

What's Happening in and Around Preuilly in December?

This time last year we were demolishing
the last of the horrible old kitchen.
It now looks like this.
Friday 2 - Saturday 3 - Téléthon, raising money for muscular dystrophy throughout France.

December last year Jean-Pierre gave me some little ferns.
It was to be the last time I saw him.
Saturday 10 - Café Franco-anglais, 16.00 - 18.00 au Panier d'Alice, la Celle-Guenand.

A 3kg box of oysters at Christmas time is a seasonal treat for us.
Sunday 18 - obviously the most important date of the year - my birthday.

In the Téléthon classic car convoy last year, collecting funds
raised in the villages around Preuilly. It was perishing!
Thursday 20 - the 40th anniversary of the creation of Medecins sans frontières (known in North America as Doctors Without Borders). This remarkable organisation was formed by a small group of French doctors and journalists in reaction to the Biafran famine. Since then they have expanded to services administered from 19 different countries and provided medical aid in times of natural disaster and political upheaval all over the world. The timeline on their website is well worth reading. If you are looking for a charity to support, you can't get much more worthwhile than these guys.

The view from our spare bedroom window this time last year.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Do they not have a Christmas Market / Fete in Preuilly???

Susan said...

C&E: No. Preuilly doesn't go in for markets and fêtes much. Ferrière Larçon is the Christmas market to go to around here (and I forgot to list it). I'm no longer very diligent about the first of the month announcements. It's really just a random list of things that have gained my attention now.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

We had noticed. This one was more like what happened last year!!! Perhaps you need to change title...

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