Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Good Idea, but...

The other day Stéphane brought a trailer load of sand up and parked in our backyard. He spent the morning making concrete. At lunchtime he found he had some concrete left over, so he decided to use it up by filling in some potholes in our driveway.

Good idea, but...he had forgotten that his car and trailer were trapped on the wrong side of the newly filled potholes. Oops...

Fortunately, his lunch was within walking distance, and I set up a red triangle to warn our neighbours when they came home for lunch.



  1. The best laid plans (or should it be concrete!).

  2. I don't know.... you Humans! Where would you be without us to watch over you!?

  3. Bit like painting yourself into a corner

  4. Susan

    Wonder If you had some spare old boards lying around, you could have covered those newly filled holes until the cement is cured ?