Tuesday 15 November 2011

For the last time this year (maybe)...

... the car park at Chenonceau.

Today I will be sitting in the car park at Chenonceau for the 21st time this year. The first time was on the 24th of March, when spring was very much in the air.

The most recent time was last Thursday, the 10th November, when clouds were gathering, the evening was drawing in, and the main carpark (which I have photographed so many times) was shut.

Over the past eight months the surface of the main car park has become very rutted and large puddles formed. Although summer this year was very wet we have been extremely lucky and never visited the chateau in the rain, but you could see the damage that large numbers of cars can do to a gravel surface if conditions aren't right.

We won't be at Chenonceau again until March next year, so you will just have to wait until then for updates on this very important (and very popular) site.


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Leon Sims said...

Simon - Is it possible to be in love with an automobile?
I really do get excited when Celestine is featured. A truely gorgeous creature is Celestine.
A friend of mine just rescured a Normale from an Aussie bush homestead and it looks to be in very nice condition. I am sooo jealous.
I'll send you a link later.

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