Thursday 3 November 2011

Mmm, Nice

Yesterday was so mild, and the gentle breeze so warm, that even though the apéro terrass gets no sun these days we were able to sit outside to have lunch. It was 19 degrees C mid-afternoon, and at 8.30pm it was still over 17 degrees.

OK, so it wasn't shorts and t-shirt weather, but it is November - a year ago it was perishing cold and damp, with a nasty chill wind.

The view from the "guest's" bathroom window
Some time today we will pass 300,000 visits to the blog: it started as an open letter to our parents to let them know what we were up to, and gradually turned into an aide memoir for when we were about to do something for the second time. Along the way we seem to have made some friends.

Which is nice...



ladybird said...

Wow, 300,000 visitors. Congratulations! Just imagine all those people coming in and giving you a hand with the renovation work! Your house would have been ready in a jiffy. Martine

Niall & Antoinette said...

Congratulations on 300,00!! :-) It was lovely yesterday wasn't it ? We've hardly had the heating on yet.

chm said...

Congrats for the 300K! Keep up the good work.

Amanda said...

300,000 because you have an interesting blog; good writing and pictures are why I keep on coming back. "Félicitations"!

Leon Sims said...

I remember when you thought that 100,000 was a milestone - Ha!!!

Jean said...

300,000 is quite something - well done !! Your blog is always interesting. It was the first blog I ever read and since then I have made so many new friends because of blogging (including yourselves) so I am eternally grateful for your inspiration.

This weather is incredible, even here in grotty old blighty. Saturday is bonfire night, when we should normally be wrapped up in woolly hats and scarves. At this rate we will all be having barbecues and ice-cream, not the traditional jacket potatoes and parking to warm us up !!
Long may it continue, it's keeping the heating bills down.
And long may your blog continue - I'm sure it must be a lot of work and we do appreciate it.

Jean said...

Oops !! I meant parkin, not parking. Silly me.

GaynorB said...

Congratulations from a balmy Staffordshire too!

Like Jean yours was my first blog, followed shortly after by her blog. We'd just got details of the house we eventually settled on in LP-P, and I googled the village. Your blog came up with something you'd posted about the church.

You always have something interesting to read and it has been fascinating finding out about your house, Celestine and the wildlife of the area.

Treat yourselves to a glass or two of sparkly and keep up the good work!

Andres said...

Well done on 300k! I stumbled upon your bleg from a Google notification on'truffles' - which you only seemed to mention once, but I am glad you did. Loving it and inspiring us to dream of a move from Oz to the south of France (if we can find a spot that isn't teeming with Englishmen). You only live once, so half the population say.


Jean said...

Andres, what do you have against the English? Do you feel the same way about the Scottish, Irish, Welsh, South Africans, Dutch, Belgians and all the other foreigners who have renovated so many unwanted properties in France?
You might not like to be surrounded by English voices but a lot of villages would crumble away without us.
In my village, the addition of two English children is what kept the village school open ~ most of the other pupils are French.
I assume you are Australian so I'm sure many French people will assume you're English as well, if you get to France.

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