Friday, 25 November 2011

Getting Wintery

On Tuesday I was in Chatellerault enjoying the sun in shirtsleeves, yesterday I was sitting by the fire avoiding the grey skies. Winter seems to have arrived in a real hurry, although not in as much of a hurry as on Google Maps...

Start here, then click on the arrow to advance one step

For those who don't do interactivity,
here is what you're missing.

This time last year it started snowing, so I guess anything is possible...



  1. From here, I can't even see the trees beside the Aigronne! Another foggy start today... still, yesterday got brighter! Thank goodness for the indoor tasks that need to be done.
    Any more news on Celestine?

  2. Just looked atm the goggly maps... boy, is that a quick snow shower. Shoot the continuity man!!

  3. We have beautiful sunshine here today, which makes a change - for our weather to be brighter than yours, that is !!
    Tonight is the night last year that the first snow fell and by Monday morning we were snowed in, for a week.
    I'll take fog any day - anything is better than snow.

  4. Ditto Jean. A beautiful morning here in Staffordshire too, although by mid afternoon it had clouded over.

    I teach in a lab without any windows so mostly I haven't got a clue about the weather. At this time of year it is dark when I go to work and dark again by the time I leave!!

    What a difference a year makes....