Tuesday 8 November 2011

View from a Train

Writing about Tours station the other day reminded me that soon (well - in a couple of months time) Susan and I will be heading off to Paris again to visit Retromobile.

The chateau at Chaumont sur Loire
In the past we have travelled to Retromobile by TGV, but the last two trips to Paris we have travelled by the scenic route. It takes twice as long but gives a much better view of France: chateaux and small towns rather than wide open plains and wind turbines. It is also a little cheaper, and because you can't reserve seats you can always get a ticket - as opposed to the TGV where once every ticket is sold, the train is full and no more tickets are sold. This means that even at very short notice you can get a ticket even if it means sitting on your bags in the corridor the whole way. Usually though, you get a compartment and privacy.

The power station at Saint Laurent Nouan
We haven't yet started making plans for January (even we are not that organised) so we have yet to decide which train to take. I still rather like the idea of travelling at 300km/h (186 mph), but the thought of a picnic whilst watching the scenery go past also holds appeal.

Eglise St Vincent, a 17th century Jesuit church in Blois
One thing may sway it towards travelling on the TGV: recently I have seen TGV Duplex trains travelling across the bridge over the Loire river. I have never been on a TGV Duplex, but would really quite like to. A double decker, 300km/h train? Who wouldn't!

I'm a boy....



Leon Sims said...

Maybe one day I should plan a trip to Paris that involves Retromobile. A friend who did go a few years back said he saw a few copies of my book "Rob Roy Hillclimb" (see on my side bar) at Retromobile.
Keep an eye open for me Simon.
Have a great time and we will read your post with glee.

Simon said...

Leon - I had a look for it last year, but not at all the bookshops. There was far too much eyecandy distracting me

I am sure you understand!

Leon Sims said...

I do, I do - enjoy.

melinda said...

i still remember back in 1970 (my jr yr abroad) when our group took the train from Toulouse to Florence and it happened to be easter vacation...the train was so crowded that we spent the night in the corridor of the train with hoards of others.....sitting squished in the dirty corridor.....yuck....longest trip of my life

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