Saturday, 5 November 2011

Driven to Wash

This may not be one of mankind's greatest innovations (and it may not even be new to you), but what a great idea!

This wonder is in the carpark at the Carrefour Supermarché in Azay-le-Rideau. I may never have to use it, but what a boon for anyone travelling light.



  1. Adds another dimension to the 'one stop shop'!

    WV is clearbio ....

  2. The drier could be handy - drying stuff in winter is difficult and I hate having it draped all over the house.

  3. It sure is ugly, but probably very convenient. You can't miss it.

    You can't stop progress as well!

    WV is rewardn. For what?

  4. I wouldn't be washing my smalls in it - I suspect that most blokes looking at it would immediately start creating a list of things he would like to wash, but that have been forbidden from the household washing macine.

    I have a dust sheet that has had wet cement dropped on it. I wonder....

  5. it can be helpful for a traveler

  6. Is the idea that do your shopping whilst your clothes wash? Don't think I fancy shopping starkers!! And it would certainly empty the shop faster than you could say "fire drill".