Wednesday 9 November 2011

Ghost sign 6

I particularly like this one, a trade directory of all the businesses in what is now avenue (but was then just rue) Adélaide Riche.

All of these businesses are now closed, although the Hotel Balzac is for sale and could once again be a hotel one day.



Anonymous said...

We have a massive "Dubonet" ghost sign quietly fading away in our village.


Tim said...

Now I do like the Idea of putting the businesses for a street on the gable end at the beginning of the road. It is rather like the supermarket "end of aisle" signage.
It would work very well and keep signwriters in business.
The w/v is very approp.! "Wines"... given that the first post is to do with Dubonet and mine has a comment on supermarket signage.

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