Wednesday 2 November 2011

Twelve Hours

That's how long it takes to cover a wall with chaux-chanvre.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the beast, it is something that needs to be done all in one go, because if you stop for more than an hour the end result is patchy. As we are hoping we can leave that wall "au natural" it means that patches are not an option, and once he started, there was no way Stéphane could stop.

I made a movie of it, but luckily it isn't 12 hours long.

This morning, the wall looks like this, and should continue drying out for the next couple of months until it is almost pure white. You can see how wet the chaux/chanvre mix is by how much moisture has leeched into the staircase.



Leon Sims said...

That clip is soooo cool Simon - Did you celebrate with a Vouvray?

Simon said...

Leon. Far too tired to consider putting bubbles into the system! We had a Laphroig.

Jean said...

Great film - great wall !!
How much more work is there to be done in that area? - I was wondering about when you could spruce up your staircase.

(word verif. is "messes"!)

Simon said...

Jean - as ever, I think the answer is "more than we expect". we have to paint the ceiling and stuff, but we also have to do the first flight. That will make mosre "messes" to be trodden through the house,

wv is snesi, which is what messes make me

Anonymous said...

You're going to be so bored when it's all might have to start all over again?


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