Friday, 9 December 2011

Update on the Works

It's been a while, so here we go:

The walls of the staircase are almost but not quite finished. All we have left to do is the little bit under the stairs on the ground floor.

In the kitchen the wall tiles have been laid (do you lay tiles on a wall? If not, what do you call it? Glueing sounds haphazard, and "putting" even more so). Today Patrick returns to grout them, then we can put the range hood up. After that all that needs doing is a final coat of paint. Oh - and the sink and taps, which still haven't been installed.

The dining area (too bijou to be an actual dining room) has been panelled with lambris.

Starting the lambris
Painting is happening - the entry hall has been chaux-chanvre'd, so that, the dining room, the small (downstairs) toilet and the ceiling above the stairs are in the process of being painted. Once the ceiling above the stairs has been painted we can sand and varnish the staircase.

Stéphane finishing the chaux-chanvre in the entry hall
With any luck, by Christmas we will have finished what we started. "All" that will then be left to do are the salon and main bedroom.



  1. I think that wall tiles should perhaps be "erected"... after all they are going UP the wall. Or, then again, "placed" which, while seeming like 'putting', does imply much more care has been taken.

  2. How about 'installed'...

  3. or 'mounted'... Sorry, students writing essays, so I've got a little "thinking time" to kill. (long time lurker, first time poster, btw).

  4. Welcome to the commentsphere, long time lurker.

    For the moment I have settled for "doing"

  5. How is Mademoiselle Celestine?

  6. Andres: No change :( We are still looking for a replacement gearbox. Thank you for asking. It's nice to know people care.

  7. Just a thought... is it not possible to get the 'luminium casing welded as an interim fix?

  8. Or a "dead" box just for the casing and swop the gear chains...

    WV is "walli".... probably am?