Friday, 16 December 2011

A Big Man in a Small Space

Simon has recently painted our downstairs toilet. He removed the toilet itself and the door to make it easier, but it was still a bit awkward. Nevertheless, he's done a really good job and the colour is very pretty.

When it came to treating the newly laid terracotta tiles with Sarpasol there was an added problem. The tiles could not be walked on as Patrick had only laid them in the morning. We had to give them their first treatment the same evening, as he was returning this morning to do the chaux-sable grouting. Simon taped a brush to a pole and reached around through the laundry door. Not ideal, but the job's done.



Abbé Henri Proust said...

Curiously enough, I have been using Sarpasol. Do you like it? Does it actually do anything?

Simon said...

Having had a couple of tiles laid where we didn't sarposol before jointing, I think it's worth it - the sarposol seems to "fill in" the pores of the tiles, and stops them absorbing the lime.

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