Tuesday 27 December 2011

Socks for Christmas

Socks for Christmas are supposed to be the last resort of those who need to buy a man a present and have no idea what to get him. I, on the other hand, like socks, especially thick woolly ones that I can wear inside sturdy boots, and frequently request socks for Christmas.

This year it is my friend Margaret who has obliged. Not only has she sent me socks, but she knitted them herself. Since she is quite a serious knitter she also included the labels from the balls of wool. These were quite illuminating.

These socks, and the accompanying scarf (also lovely) have been around a bit, back and forth, bouncing between Europe, Asia and Australia. Or at least, various stages of their development have been.

The label doesn't say so, but my guess is that the wool was grown in Australia. Much of the world's wool is, even today, especially the very high quality stuff. But very little is processed in Australia. The superfine often goes to Italy where it is woven and used by the high end fashion industry. This knitting yarn was spun and dyed in China and Turkey, then sent back to Australia to be balled, labelled and distributed. Finally, Margaret knits it up and sends it on to France.



Leon Sims said...

Sooooo, how lucky are you Susan? But don't let Simom steal them like my son does.
It wouldn't bother me so much but he always steals odd pairs!!!!!!

Pollygarter said...

Wool miles? Apart from just being artisinale those are expensive socks!!
I like socks too... these look similar in style to the Bridgedale walking socks Tim bought me for Christmas two years ago.
No idea of the wool miles in those.

The WV is "foutlyma"... you ought to name your socks that...

Ken Broadhurst said...

Your carbon footprint is going to be pretty big!

Susan said...

L&S: no chance of that. Margaret was all set to knit him some socks too, but he doesn't wear woolly socks.

PG & Ken: quite. It's a sad fact that the proud Australian wool industry keeps very quiet about. It's a real shame but hopefully I will get a lot of mileage out of them now.

Niall & Antoinette said...

We got a fabulous hand crochetted scarf each from Sarah my cousin's daughter. We put them down for 1 minute on the sideboard and they were promptly appropriated by Katinka [sigh]!
I like socks too--my sister in law sent me some for Christmas [but not hand knitted] Antoinette

MargaretP said...

Happy you like the socks so much.
Good news, "Touch Yarns" in New Zealand have locally produced yarns, the one I am knitting is "Magic Merino" sock yarn, $30 for a 100 grm ball that will make a pair of socks and the colours are amazing.
The current project is 2 shades of orange with fushia pink, I chose it because it makes you toasty warm just looking at it and mad colours are a bit of fun in the cold weather.

Pearl said...

lurvely. lucky is the one who receives home knitting.

I got hand-knitting for Christmas too. I don't know it's lineage, or type of yarn but they are pink mittens from MIL.

(it's a multinational word. (soon the United Federation of Planet?)

Tim said...

Pauline is a very good knitter... she did me a great Aran knit cardigan from Jacob Sheep wool... I call it my Cuddle!
I got her some Cash's Labels to put in her knits which sets them off!

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