Tuesday, 6 December 2011

500 Year Old Floorboards Reused

These blocks of oak are 500 years old according to Stéphane, and were reclaimed from a floor in a grand old house in Loches that he worked on. They are quarter sawn and show a lovely grain known in French as maille ('chain stitch'). At 40mm, they are twice as thick as modern floorboards. Now, with their age, they are also extraordinarily hard. Stéphane broke several good tools working with this wood.

These particular pieces are two mounts that he fashioned for our staircase lights.


Tomorrow my mother is back into hospital to have an electronic ignition (known in non-motoring households as a pacemaker) fitted - Simon.


Tim said...

That wood is really beautiful, Susan.
I'm really glad that such a good use has been made of it. And isn't it fortunate that Stephane was the person working there... how many other people would have just thrown it out to be burnt.

We'll be thinking of your mum, Simon, over the next few days.... she'll really set the alarms ringing in airports afterwards.

WV is "dible"... that's Officer Dibble to you, Top Cat!

Tim said...

WV is now "flea ps"... I shouldn't have mentioned Top Cat

Simon said...

Just received an email from myparents - Mum didn't make tomorrow's surgery list :¬( We now have no idea of when it's happening

Sheila said...

Gorgeous wood, must feel like
satin to the touch.

Last person I knew to receive a
pacemaker did so at age 90 and it
kept him very active for another
14 years.

Pearl said...

wow, that is cool to have.

hope the pacemaker goes tickety-boo.

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