Thursday, 22 December 2011

Painting - Again

I hate painting.

There it is - I have said it. I REALLY hate painting. I don't understand how it is done, or how it works. What makes two cans of paint from the same manufacturer work differently? Why is it that the blue paint goes on nicely, doesn't run, covers perfectly, but the red paint is splotchy even after two coats, leaves brushmarks, and is totally frustrating.

Both paints went on over two coats of exactly the same undercoat, with exactly the same brush. They are both "one coat" (ha!) water based washable satin paints. One is blue, one is red. One works, the other doesn't.

This is why, taking into consideration the price of paint and the sheer frustration levels involved, I have stopped painting and have decided to GTMI. We have been promised a finished job by close of business tomorrow.

If I had continued doing it myself I doubt if the bad language vocabulary would have been exhausted even on Friday next week.

Painting? Bah - humbug.



  1. If they are from the same maker, it must be in the pigments... and there is NO such thing as "One-Coat" paint... no matter wot it say on der tinny!

    WV is "resser".... one of the little known swear words from Uberwald. Pronounced with a heavy hiss in the two middle consonants.

  2. French paint is TERRIBLE! I think milk leaves a better cover. You have my sympathy. Our ceiling took five coats of paint and it is still patchy.

  3. We've had and used good French paint, and we've had an used bad French paint. In other words, same experience as you, Simon. I'm glad we don't have any big painting projects facing us right now.

  4. and some colors cover better than others.....our painter said yellow & red are the hardest colors to work with......this after many zillions of attempts to get the color right and leaving the wall with stripes of varying degrees of took 4 coats to cover that

  5. Tsk. You need some lessons in interior-decorator-speak: just tell everyone you were going for the "naturally distressed" look.

  6. Autolycus. I could have gone the Jacosta Innes route, but I wanted it to look good...

    I think a lot of my problem is that I don't enjoy painting, and I have an urge to get it on the wall as fast as possible. Watching the professionals paint I am amazed at how much time they take - I could have done the job 4 times over in the time they take to do it once.

    Problem is, it would have looked like it, too...

  7. I usually GTMI too ..... Tim!

  8. I haven't tried to paint red before but I would say your problem is due to the colour of the undercoat. It should be tinted, but I don't know what tint for red. The paint shops have the correct tints on computer. For navy blue (nearly black) on a front door, I had to use a blue undercoat otherwise you get the streaking you describe. I didn't believe it and kept on loading up coats - to no avail. Used a tinted undercoat and it worked brilliantly straight up. I should have known better, being a painter's son and all.....