Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Smallest Room

We have almost finished the downstairs toilet. I have to sort out some baguette (door trim baguette this time) and the little niches where we have the stopcock for the outside tap, but that's it.

May 2006Dec 2011
I am surprised (and maybe a little alarmed) to recall that the hand basin was a last minute decision, but this was mainly because space is at a real premium in there. We chose the absolute smallest unit we could find, and yet the door only misses the basin by about 1cm. A corner unit would have been no good, either, as the door opens almost the full width of the room.



  1. I do some of my best reading here - its so peaceful.

  2. Well done! and now to dine!

  3. At least your installation permits a door on your downstairs loo! We are making do with a curtain at the moment. - Pauline

  4. L&S: I've never understood the appeal of reading in the toilet, or of spending any length of time in there.
    Sweetpea: We have been, every evening now - it feels frightfully formal though.
    Pauline: we are lucky the space is just big enough to permit the toilet with door and laundry with door.

  5. Wowser...the place is looking fab. Makes sense with the red all the way around and the tiles work a treat. Looking forward to sharing a meal in the formal dining area! Sorry i missed christmas :-(

  6. Sounds rather a close call (of nature) then!