Sunday 23 January 2011

A Typical Saturday in Winter

Living in this part of France is great: the scenery is really pleasant, the people are friendly, we have good markets and shops, and all the history and glamour of the Loire Valley is right on our doorstep.

None of which is much use when the weather is dull, grey cold, wet and windy. It's on days like those that we should be painting, and will be eventually. At the moment there is still some plaster to be sanded off before we can start on the attic bathroom, and neither of us really feel like painting at the moment.

So instead Susan has been translating a document from French about the mills on the Claise (fascinating, and coming one day in to a blog near you), made rhubarb and custard, and done a couple of loads of washing.

A photo of summer in Azay le Rideau to cheer us up
I, meanwhile, have been indexing photos, and putting locations and captions on the photos we have loaded on the web. This is a tedious job, but as I have been putting links to the business on them, I hope it will pay off.

We have also been mulling over decisions about cookers and mixers, and not yet getting anywhere.

In between times we sit by the fire, which is really pleasant.



Leon Sims said...

Sounds like "the Good Life"....

Amanda said...

A very good life indeed!

Anna Johnston said...

Now sitting by the fire on wet 'n cold, windy days does sound like the way to go - sending some Aussie warmth over to you friends - its 36C today (thank goodness for airconditioning) :)
Looking forward to reading the translated version Susan ;)

Susan said...

Anna: Trust me, it's more than you will ever want to know about mills ;-)

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