Sunday 9 January 2011

Le sac à pain

Yesterday morning the boulangerie was handing out free promotional bread carry bags. These are long and narrow, to protect your pain or baguette on the way home.

These ones are made of calico, printed with the name and address of the boulangerie. At the top the cord handle acts as a drawstring to close the bag. Quite practical and stylish, although my one criticism would be that the cord is too long to allow someone my height to hold the bag at my side, and too short to sling over the shoulder. Almost all carry bags suffer from this fault in my experience.

I wonder if it is bad form to use it when I buy bread from the other baker's?



Jean said...

We too got a baguette bag as a pressie from our boulangerie but I agree that it is not easy to carry. After one attempt I gave up and now still carry the baguette by the little square of paper that it comes with and then use the sack to store the bread at home by hanging it on the hook on the back of the kitchen door, so it is still a worthwhile and welcome gift.

Diane said...

It looks as if you could change the handles fairly easily and make them longer so they can go over your shoulder which I would prefer. On the other hand you could shorten them. My bag had material handles made of the same material, so to lengthen it I had to use completly different handles that matched. I do need over the shoulder as I usually collect the bread on my bike. Diane

wcs said...

We, too, got one from our local boulangerie. Ours is fashionably made of plastic.

Since our bread is delivered, we only use the bag to indicate to the bread lady that we want bread when we're not at home. We hang the bag on a fence post with the money inside. She takes the money and leaves the bread in the bag.

Simon said...


We use our to hang the bread in the kitchen, as well. I can't recall actually having seen someone using them at te boulangerie.

Dianne. Photos of "lady riding velo to boulangerie" are in order, I think.

Walt. Plastic, Dear Me no... ALthough I quite like idea of the honesty system for buying bread.

Ken Broadhurst said...

The plastic bag keeps the bread dry as it hangs on the fence post on rainy days. Practicality wins out over fashion, for once!

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