Friday 28 January 2011

The Devil's Marbles

One of the most dramatic and photogenic landscapes in Australia is the rock formation known as the Devil's Marbles is in the Northern Territory. I went there with my family in the (Australian) autumn of 2006.

Dusk, with Ghost Gum, and moon rising
above the Marbles.

My father's shadow falls on one of the Marbles
as he takes a photograph of the scene.

Marbles scattered about amongst the spinifex
(a type of very spiky grass).

PS I have added some more information to the post on l'Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Echelles.


wcs said...

Very cool (or hot!). Looks like a place worth visiting.

Amanda said...

I would love to make it to Darwin on day. I love the picture of your Dad's shadow on the rock. I visited Uluru and the Olgas few years ago but only stayed for 2 days in that area as the great barrier reef was our main destination. Australia is one of my favorite country. 2 trips Down-Under was not enough. I am ready for more.

chm said...

Here, in the SoCal desert, we have something somewhat similar and, it seems, on a smaller scale called the Pumpkin Patch. These "pumpkins" are not rock formations but are made of clay.

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