Saturday 2 January 2010

So This is Winter!

We went for a walk yesterday morning.

Just a little one before lunch to see if anything is happening/has happened around town. Apparently while we were away the whole town seems to have changed not one jot, which is sort of nice - I grew up in a town that changed continually and still changes continually (without managing to be any different at all every time I visit).

Our house - in a lot less snow than last year

As we stepped out of the front door it started to snow: this is the first snow we have experienced in Preuilly, and although it didn't settle, for just that brief moment it was like Christmas all over again. It didn't last very long, but I did manage to take some photos.

For the walk I wore my new coat. I bought it the day before we left for Australia from what I think of as being the ultimate bloke's shop: Gamm Vert. For some reason we think of them as a garden shop, which is but a small part of what they do. Garden supplies yes, but also building stuff, veterinary equipment and stock feed, fishing and hunting gear (including apparel), and booze. They really do have it all.

Anyway - the new coat. It's a just below the bum length lined parka with a hood. It is nice and warm and kept me dry and happy - which in winter is all you can ask for.



chm said...

You not only have to fight jet lag but also season lag! Hope you recover from both very soon.

Nicole said...

Welcome back!

We hope you both get re-acclimatised very soon, the forecast of chilly & bright stuff is surely more fun for Jan than the miserable grey and wet of the recent week ? :D

Happy New Year!

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