Friday, 15 January 2010

Reading the Danger Signs

One of the things you should always do when you stay in a hotel room is read the fire alarm procedures. This is very important. It can also be interesting.

Reassuring, but panic is apparently OK
I am glad that's all clear then!
It isn't only the Koreans and fire notices: this is a safety notice from the velorail at Chauvigny. Aren't you glad when everything is made so clear? This last photo was taken by Rick (of Rick and Helen fame) when he visited a couple of years ago.



Paulita said...

Can't these people hire English speakers to help? Someone like, I don't know, ...ME.

Tim said...

I love the last one Simon....
Obviously transmogrified by a 'computa' as were the local guides for Grand Pressigny's assorted sites... until they got Nick Sandon to translate them. He felt it political to stick with the 'flowery French' though!

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