Monday, 18 January 2010

Christmas in Australia

All pictures courtesy of my sister, Kathy.

My sister in the kitchen.
She cooked up a storm over Christmas.
We put on a few kilos, and actually got to the stage
where we were turning down chocolate!

Bungee the kelpie dog, trying to pretend she is an angel. Hah!

Simon got a model of Célestine from my parents.

A nice photo of my dad. can choose your friends...


Jean said...

Susan - they look like a jolly lot to have as family !!
Turning down chocolate - golly - you must have been well-fed. Never happens in this house.

Ice Pony Girl said...

Bungee is adorable! Lucy, my Kelpie is 12 yrs old and she's also a sweet angel.~:P]

Susan said...

Jean: Almost a unique occurance in our family too.

IPG: Bungee is only a couple of years old, and hasn't got fully civilised yet. She's a clever little thing though.

I've not met any Icelandic ponies personally, but I hear they have exceptionally good temperaments and stamina. I miss riding and regular contact with horses, I must admit.

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