Thursday, 21 January 2010

Glimpses 11

We went for a walk around the town on 1st January, and this little glimpse caught my eye through a gate which is usually kept closed. Just in case we never saw the gate open again I took a photo.

I was going to post the photo on here - until I walked past the same open gate on the 17th (after walking past the circus) and took the following photo. You can now see my dilemma - do I post a winter photo that looks like winter, or a winter photo that could have been taken in midsummer (looking at the sky) and have people think I was using up old pictures?



wcs said...

Nothing at all wrong with using up old photos. Otherwise my blog would be rather empty.

Berowne said...

The first pic has remarkable detail. The second has lost that all-important detail but has managed to come up with a beautiful sky.
You pays yer money and you makes yer choice.

Simon said...

Walt - I wouldn't dare comment :¬))

Berowne - My thoughts exactly. The first photo has brilliant textures to it and deserves an airing. The second photo is disappointing in that regard: the low angle and intensity of the sun has really burned out most of the detail, but is a good comparison.

The work verification is gedsky - which I guess is what the second photo was all about!

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