Tuesday 26 January 2010

Parrots of Australia

Today is Australia Day, so the blog has an Australian theme for a couple of days. Simon's done a beachy banner with a photo I took at Tuross Beach on the New South Wales coast.

One of the striking things about any visit to Australia is the number and variety of parrots you can see, not just in the bush, but in suburban gardens. There are 56 species of parrot native to Australia, and all but 5 of them occur nowhere else on earth. Many of them are quite obliging photographic subjects, so here is a selection I took on our recent trip.

Male Superb Parrot.
This species has a very limited distribution,
but is locally common.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, on the feeder
in Rick and Helen's garden. This species
can be seen just about anywhere.

Male King Parrot, in my sister and brother-in-law's garden.

Young Galahs. The nest they hatched in is a
hole in the trunk of this tree.

Eastern Rosella.



chm said...

Happy Australia Day.

These birds are superb, as the name implies. Some more later?

The Beaver said...


Happy Australia Day !

The colours are "magnifique" :-)

Berowne said...

Dear Friends: I got tired of the design, or lack of it, of my old blog. Since you’ve posted in “Savage Reflections” in the past, I wonder if I could prevail upon your good nature to check out my blog’s new face lift. I’d love to have your opinion:

“The new design of your blog is a) good; b) acceptable; or c) a train wreck.” :-)

Yours, Berowne.

Anonymous said...

Great post for Aussie Day.
While travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne on Monday, we saw many parrots, galahs and cockatoos, even around the city.
Your readers may be interested to know that we call someone who is a bit silly, a Galah. Probably due to their cheeky and mischevious nature.

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