Sunday 10 January 2010

Preuilly in the Snow

Here are some pictures of Preuilly in the snow. It doesn't happen every year, so we are enjoying it while it's here. All of these photos were taken on Tuesday after our first fall of snow for the year. It has been snowing lightly but steadily since yesterday lunchtime, so now our snow cover is fresh and deep enough to cover the grass completely.

It must be cold – I'm wearing a scarf
(50th birthday present from my sister
and getting good use just now)

Fancy a swim? The municipal swimming pool
with an additional winter cover.

A street in Preuilly, garbage waiting to be collected.
The garbage men were late, and I don't suppose
they were having much fun.

The snowplough/gritter speeds out of Preuilly in a blur,
on its way to clear rural roads.

Snow joins lichen to decorate tree trunks.

Looking up to the ruined chapel of Saint Mélaine,
in the château grounds.



Jean said...

One of the many things I love about our area of France is the variation in the weather. With the climate comes all the benefits of not living somewhere where it's just baking hot for months on end. But you also get proper cold, too.

Bill said...

Like the photos in the snow. I have a house in Charnizay, but have only been once at Christmas - it snowed then.

Your photos are just what I was looking for for the area.


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