Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tours Opera House

It is always difficult to find information about the city of Tours online - filtering out all the sites that google brings up about tours rather than Tours is REALLY difficult. The easiest way to do so is to use google maps and the aerial photos to identify the building you're interested in and then search using the street name. Then all you need to do is some link clicking until you find a page that gives some proper information. Having said that, however, I can't find anything of real substance about this building. It is quite impressive, in that very 19th century French way.

This is Tours Opera House. We didn't know this building existed until quite recently. I found it* when I was waiting for a bus on Easter Monday and had 6 hours to spend carting my bag around looking for interesting things. (The sacrifices I make for this blog.)

I do know that when I was there they were advertising a performance of Tosca - but I can't even find any information about that, either. I have a pamphlet here. Somewhere. It has probably been packed though. In the fullness of time we will unpack and I will post more info.

Talking of packing: we are getting there. Most of our books, all our paintings and photos, most of our clothes and a couple of boxes of various computer cables and bits and pieces are packed, as are most of our electrical stuff. Tomorrow I will start on packing the computers (or at least some of them), and dismantling some of the larger items of furniture. Most of my musical instruments have road cases, so it's just a case of putting them in their own case and adding to the growing heap.


*this may come as news to the good citizens of Tours, who probably didn't realise it was lost.


NickL said...

I definitely agree about Tours, what a daft name for a town. You'd have thought they'd have known better, but then people call their cats Pussy!!!

The great thing about packing is that you get to see your whole life's accumulation of worldly goods...as a nuisance. True there's probably the odd thing you fondly wrap in 50 sq M of bubble wrap, but isn't it amazing how much you find, wonder why you've still got it and....can't possibly bring yourself to throw it away?

Keep at it, only a few days to go now.


PS: Wine helps

Simon said...

Nick: If I could find the box the wine is packed in I would test your theory. Copious amount of builders' tea is the makeshift answer.

wcs said...

Hmmm, I must ask: what is builder's tea? I'm imagining some weak, dusty beverage that's cold by the time you drink it. Perfect for construction sites.

Simon said...

Walt: exactly the wrong conclusion! A builder in the UK would never let his tea get cold, so it's down tools until the tea is finished.

Builders tea is made with teabags (PG tips if you're an artisan, no-name otherwise) and furiously boiling water. It looks like tar until you add the obligatory milk and two (sugars).

wcs said...

Ah! I should have known better. And PG tips is one of my favorites!

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