Saturday 23 May 2009

More Irises

Irises are one of my favourite flowers and one of the plants I am looking forward to being able to grow well in Preuilly. Our London garden was too shady, and they never really did very much.

I tried growing species other than I. germanica (Bearded Iris), but although they would have a few flowers, none did really well. The only one that made it over in the first tranche of the move is Steve the Siberian Iris*. Malheureusement, il n'est pas rouler bien. Something about the change in his circumstances has upset him and I have had to put him in intensive care. He's been given a haircut top and bottom, rinsed off to check for root diseases, repotted in fresh potting mix and put in the sun to soak up some rays. I'm keeping him moist but not wet. He's produced a teeny weeny new shoot, so here's hoping. If he recovers he will send up the deepest royal blue flowers imaginable. (I'd show you a photo of him in his glory, but I can't find it. Since we moved we've been shuffling photos from drive to drive and some of the older photos are not yet sorted out properly.)

Steve, looking distinctly lacklustre.

Our friend Jill very kindly gave me three different colours of Bearded Iris to start off the Preuilly garden last year. One of them had its first flower yesterday, and turns out to be a gorgeous deep reddish purple.

Our first Bearded Iris flower.

But the rest are small and they are sulking of course, at having been divided and moved, but in a couple of years all should be producing beautiful blooms like these...


*Steve the Siberian Iris is more properly called Iris sibirica 'Steve', a cultivar named after it's breeder Steve Varner.


Paulita said...

I love taking my flowers from house to house and then leaving a little bit of myself behind, don't you? I have irises at this, our fourth house, that originally came from my mom's blueberry farm in Kentucky, and hollyhocks that came from her mom's farm.

Carolyn said...

Our first Siberian iris bloomed today. I don't know its name, but I'm sure it joins me in sending get-well wishes to Steve.

Steve, you're in France now. You'll love it!

Susan said...

Paulita: We are fortunate to be able to do it this move, as to get the plants through customs between the UK and France all you need to do is provide a list of the plants and be prepared to say that they are disease free if asked. In practice, of course, no one asks nowadays.

Carolyn: Steve waved feebly when I passed on his cousin's well wishes. He's doing his best, he says, but thinks it will be a while before he is looking lush.

Anonymous said...

Irises are so picky. They take years to get used to a new spot, and if the weather's just right, they'll decide to bloom.
Mine got very old. They wouldn't even divide anymore.
Anyway, good luck to your irises and to Steve!

chm said...

Just like you, irises are my favorite flower. Beautiful pictures, c'est un régal des yeux.

SweetpeainFrance said...

This year it appears that the irises and other plants / flowers have been more stunningly beautiful than we have seen them in our previous 4 years of habitation en France. I love the golden yellow ones. How wonderful to be so knowledgeable about demoiselles and irises and beetles and bugs.

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