Sunday, 17 May 2009

Like a bird on a Wire

The swallows arrived about 6 weeks ago, which is always the most reliable sign that the warmer weather has arrived. Not that you would have believed it yesterday; it was cold, windy and rainy.

Sitting in a derelict building in Montresor, May 2008

One for Stockhausen, April 2009
Bengt came over for dinner last night, which was really pleasant. We have started moving the furniture into rooms, so were able to entertain him at a table, sitting on chairs!!. This is an innovation for us, and it was a real change not to be perched on the edge of something, balancing our dinners on our laps.



chm said...

I'm sure a musician could make something out of this "Swallow Medley."

chm said...

P.S. I missed completely the Stockhausen bit.

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