Friday, 1 May 2009

Events in and around Preuilly for May 2009

The first photo we have of our house,
taken on 29 May 2006.

Friday 1 –
May Day, a public holiday.

Saturday 2 – Tir aux Fantômes – Ghostbusters

Saturday 2 - Martizay - Foire aux Oisons
Gosling fair in Martizay, also brocante and new goods

Friday 8 – 8 mai
Victory in Europe Day Ceremony to honour the dead and celebrate the end of World War II in Europe. A public holiday.

Saturday 9 – Cinéma

Tuesday 12 – all our worldly possessions are delivered and we start our new life in France fulltime.

Saturday 16 – Repas de l'Amicale des Pompiers
Friends of the Firemen Dinner.

Saturday 16 – Concours officiel de Pétanque
Official French Bowls Competition.

Pétanque practice, May 2008
Thursday 21 – Ascension*
Ascension, a public holiday.

Thursday 21 – Ferrière-Larçon - Grande Brocante et son Marché Gourmand
Second hand market and specialist food market

Tuesday 26 – Théâtre – APE des écoles Publiques

Satruday 30 - Chaumussay - Veillée de contes, feu de St Jean
Fairy Tales - the fire of St John (?)

Market days in Preuilly are Thursdays and Saturdays. The market is held in Place des Halles in the morning.

On Saturday nights there is a pizza van in Place des Halles.

*corrected after an anonymous comment. Thank You


Carolyn said...

Congratulations on the move! Best wishes for a long and happy life in France.

May 12 was also the date we moved here (31 years ago) and we always celebrate the day.

Jean said...

Only 11 days to go then it will be Days on the Claise forever. Congratulations!! Are you looking forward to it or are you nervous?

Barbara said...

Simon & Susan,

Many interesting events, but the one taking place on May 12 is the best of them all.
Bon courage for the logistics. Hoping that everything will arrive safe & sound in Preuilly.

p.s. The Veillée de contes at Chaumussay sounding intriging, but I doubt that we can hop on over this month.

Anonymous said...

A little mistake : Thursday 21 is Ascension and not Annonciation which was March 25.

Great site !

Susan said...

Carolyn: Let's mark 12 May in the calendar as International Moving House Day, as it is obviously significant and popular!

Jean: mostly looking forward. The London house is in such upheaval that we have just been forced to eat lunch sitting on the stairs with our plates in our laps though.

Barbara: Many thanks. I've used the removal company before and they are great, so hopefully no probs.

Anon: Many thanks also. I always get them mixed up. (Can you tell I'm not a churchgoer?)

Jenny said...

Oh, Yea! How exciting. Quoting Liz Lemon, a character from one of my favorite American TV shows, 30Rock, "I want to go to there," for the moving in, and the festivities. But alas, I will have to enjoy them from across the ocean via the blog.

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