Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Open Road

Ask any Australian, and they will tell you the received wisdom is that the roads of Europe are crammed full of traffic all going nowhere fast.

These photos were taken on a recent drive back from Preuilly to London. You could probably put them in order for yourself just by looking at the grot accumulating on the windscreen.

There is no trickery involved here - this really is how the roads are in France - IF you're not driving on the first (or last) day of the school holidays, a Sunday afternoon, or in Paris. The way to check out what the traffic conditions are likely to be is on the Bison Futé website. Not only is there a map showing problems in real time, on this page you can download a prediction for the rest of the year about how much traffic is likely to be on the roads.



Jean said...

This is one of the many reasons that we love France - that you can go for miles and miles (or rather, km's and km's) without seeing another car. So easy. Once you get back to England it's bedlam again.

wcs said...

I frequently complain to Ken about St.-Aignan's "bridge traffic." But only when there are more than two cars lined up waiting to cross.

Simon said...

Jean: empty, but that strecth between Rouen and Le Mans is as boring as anything i have experienced in Australia roadwise

Walt: you big city boys - what are you like eh?? We have trouble in the Grand rue, but usually only when there are big trucks involved

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