Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Three Colours

As well as being coucou time, March going into April is when the forsythia, prunus and blackthorn flower.

With the French propensity for planting tricoleur hedges, sometimes the results in spring can be even more startling than the (we assume) looked for effect at the height of summer.

You can compare the colours with how the same view from the plan d'eau looks in summer here.



Jean said...

What fabulous colours together. We will be in the area over Easter and might just go and have a look. I have never noticed the ruined building before - don't yet know Preuilly that well as we've only been half a dozen times.

Barbara said...

Hi Simon & Susuan,

Striking colors on those hedges !
Where I live, I have never seen these types planted together.
We have a garden and the forsythia is always among the first blossoms.

Have a nice day :)

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