Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Green Cape Lighthouse

The main reason for my recent visit to Australia was to attend my parents' 50th wedding anniversairy. My sister organised for me, our parents and the wedding party (all aunts and uncles) to stay the weekend in the lighthouse cottages at Green Cape, part of Ben Boyd National Park on the southern New South Wales coast. We were a party of 10, and most of those attending I had not seen for 30 years. We got on marvellously well, and a great time was had by all. A selection of photos from the weekend follows, and more photos can be seen here.

Saw Banksia Banksia serrata (the seedpods that come after these flowers are often called 'Old Man Banksia', from a character in an Australian children's book)

Black Wallaby Wallabia bicolor (known by many people as Swampies)

Lace Monitor Varanus varius. A type of goanna, this was the most magnificent specimen I have ever seen. It was about 1.5m long, and dramatically coloured. Look at those claws! These lizards have a reputation for running up the nearest vertical object when frightened, just as this one did as we stopped the car. You need to be a bit careful under these circumstances that the nearest vertical object isn't yourself!

The Green Cape Lighthouse complex, showing the modern light, the old light and the lighthouse keepers' cottages, where we stayed.

The wedding party (minus the best man, who was in hospital and couldn't make it).



Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! Happy Anniversary to your parents.

Susan said...

Thank you Dedene :-)

Jean said...

50 years is an acheivement these days. For several reasons.
1 How can anyone celebrate a wedding anniversary when not married?
2 Although people live longer they change partners more often.
3 I've forgotten the other reasons. If anyone knows, please remind me.
As we got married in our 40's I'm not sure we'll make it to a traditional golden wedding. We did celebrate 50 months.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Nice to see your parents again, Susan. Congratulations to them on the anniversary.

Susan said...

Jean: Blimey, I wouldn't have noticed 50 months – I usually don't remember our actual anniversary! Simon occasionally remembers it on the day.

Ken: I've passed on your good wishes.

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