Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Common Sight

As you drive around rural France you will often encounter this man and his brethren - the common cyclist - wobbling his way along the road.

He is not to be confused with the all over body condommed speed cyclist, a much more confident beast who is seen only at the weekends (although once a year the professional variety as shown here can be seen during the week, too) and usually in groups; the common cyclist can be seen on any day of the week, usually in packs of one.



  1. Another "species" that makes me smile when I see it is the 2 wheeled Mamie.
    I seen a couple on the rural roads on scooters, helmet firmly in place & with her shooping box/crate on the back.
    Zoom !

  2. We have seen only a few, and zoom isn't the first word I would think of... Maybe we are hillier than the places you see them, or perhaps most of the Mamie in our area are trop anciens.

  3. Are cyclists of the serious sort like sacred cows in India? The last lot I met in pack form came straight out onto a roundabout which I was on, ignoring the white lines. There was no question of them even bothering to look. May their testicles be strangled by their Lycra. I was very happy moments later to overtake them going up one of the steepest inclines between Preuilly and Tours.

  4. Jenny - thanks - I kinda like it too.

    John. Dunno about sacred cows - I imagine if you hold your nerve you could bounce a cyclist a lot further than a cow if you accidentally hit it. This is an observation, you understand, not a challenge....