Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sports lessons, Preuilly Style

In a previous post about the plan d'eau I wondered aloud if the water is ever used for recreational activities (as suggested by the name).

I am pleased to report that last week I was on a bit of a trek around Preuilly catching up on developments, when I saw kids (I assume from the local college) having a canoeing lesson on the plan. Although the photo shows a bright and sunny day, I was well wrapped up and wearing gloves and still feeling the cold and no way was I going to test the water temperature.

I arrived too late to catch the action, but here they are packing up before carrying the canoes back to where they are stored in the Cantonal Gymnasium. The white building in the background is the amenities block for the campsite, which is currently undergoing refreshment for the coming season. I don't think it has ever featured in a blog, so I have written myself a note to remedy that over the next couple of weeks .


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