Sunday, 19 April 2009

Our New Kitchen

Or rather, our new temporary kitchen.

We intend getting a super-duper hi-tech fitted kitchen in the house, and have started getting devis from kitchen builders. Before this can happen, we have to clear all the old kitchen stuff - the strange faux ancien range hood and the sink. Until very recently (i.e. yesterday) I was cooking on a table under the range hood. As I intend to eat most days this means I had to find a new location for the kitchen.

I decided on what we call our "small room" - not what you might think, but a little room off the end of our entry corridor that previously served as a combination bedroom/lounge, and more recently a dining room.

So until we have a permanent proper kitchen, this is our kitchen

It is more fancy than I had planned, but M. Bricolage in Chatellerault was having a special on melamine covered boards, so I treated myself to a bench top I can wipe down. The only drawback is not having running water or a sink, but I am sure we can work our way around that. When we first moved to London the house we rented had a smaller kitchen than this, so we should manage quite nicely.



Jean said...

Very neat and tidy, Simon. I bet you feel better for orgainising that. Having somewhere "propre" for preparing your food is important for human happiness.

Simon said...

Jean - neat and tidy now....

As long as we don't overreach ourselves, either in culinary terms or in the amount of stuff we try put into there, I think we will be OK.

It's only temporary, after all. At a guess there will be two more moves of kitchen before we can settle in the kitchen proper

Abbeysmum said...

Hi S&S, Any shuffling about is a step closer to the end result.

Sometimes time and a bit of a shuffle will help refine the final design and layout, so it should all be better in the end.

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