Friday, 10 April 2009

A half finished project

I thought it was a good idea at the time - travel on public transport from Preuilly sur Claise to London, taking a photo on the hour, every hour, to document the trip.

So at 10.00am I took a photo of us all waiting for the 10.20 bus (I don't know why, but waiting from 10.00 seems obligatory - maybe it's because on other days the bus leaves at 10.00 and no-one can remember which day is which). You can see a Santa on a rope still gamely hanging on...

At 11.00 I was on the bus just north of Ligeuil

And at a couple of minutes to midday I had arrived at the Tours bus station.

At 1.00 (or 13.00 if you're French) I was at Tours - Val de Loire Airport (TUF), having lunch in the restaurant (steack haché et frites, with a bottle of coca)

At 2.00pm I was passing through security, and you're not allowed to take photos there, and at 3.00pm I was on the plane and asleep. Then, 20 minutes after I arrived at Stansted it was 3.00pm again and I was going through customs (where you're not allowed to take photos), at 4.00 I was on the bus into London and quite possibly had dozed off again and the project had ground to a halt.

So a half project documenting half a day's travelling. I am not sure what it was I was trying to prove, maybe I was just attempting to instill some discipline into my photo taking.


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